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How AHA Dental Advisors Help With Internal Transitions

How AHA Dental Advisors Help With Internal Transitions

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Interviewer:       And we’re here at JDQ 2015. We’re speaking with Henry Doyle from Al Heaps and Associates. Henry thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Henry Doyle:       Thanks

Interviewer:       Now, I’ve been hearing some news and I’d like to find out a little bit more from you about who is AHA Dental Advisors and what does AHA Dental Advisors, actually, do?

Henry Doyle:       AHA Dental Advisors is Al Heaps and Associates Dental Advisors. What we do, is we advise clients on internal transitions; on how to transition a practice from an associate who’s working in a practice to, actually, eventually, owning it. Kind of what I did with Al Heaps. I started as an associate with Al, worked for a couple of years, we made agreements and over a period of four years, we transitioned the business a hundred percent from Al to myself. That’s what we’re doing in the dental field. We’ve be doing evaluations of these types of transitions for about twenty-five years, but most of the time, they’re private and they really don’t have any good advisors to help them with it. I’ve partner with Bal Bhullar, a lawyer that’s done this for twenty-five years. Formerly with ExperDent Advisors and Judy LaRocque, who’s done the consulting part of this business for the last twenty-five years.

We’re lecturing across Canada and we’re educating … You know, in our mind, this is, probably, one of the best transitions because the patients and staff already are familiar with the person who’s in the practice. They’ve seen the practice. They, sort of, know what to expect and so, if we make a nice, smooth transition so, it’s a win-win for the seller, as well as the buyer, it’s, probably, one of the best transitions for everybody involved.

Interviewer:       Absolutely. How exactly will AHA Dental Advisors compliment Al Heaps and Associates?

Henry Doyle:       It will compliment us … We’ve done a lot of this type of business in Quebec with Judy LaRocque and there’s some transitions where they need evaluations so, we’re doing, of course, all the evaluations for this. There’s some situations, for whatever reason, it may not work out and they may need us to broker the deal in the end [00:02:00] so, we’re getting some additional sales and what not through that. As well as, with the corporate dentistry that’s happening. I think this is an excellent way for people to involve a broker to help them work an internal transition and not have to sell to a larger group, if that’s their choice of what they’d like to do.

Interviewer:       So, providing a full range of services to help the dentist through what, traditionally, is a somewhat difficult time in their lives.

Henry Doyle:       Yes. Well put.

Interviewer:       Terrific. Henry, we thank you so much for taking the time and, as always, if our viewers want to learn more they can go to your website, I assume.

Henry Doyle:       Yes. Absolutely its www.heapsanddoyle.com.

Interviewer:       Terrific. Henry, thank you, again.

Henry Doyle:       Great. Thanks a lot.

Interviewer:       Bonne journee,

Henry Doyle:       Bonne journee.

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